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Every year, my best friend and I try to take at least two trips together.  We call it our best friend trip, with our busy lives we hardly see each other and this way we get a two for one: an adventure and getting the low down on our current life situation. It was her turn to choose our destination. She ended up choosing Portland which was super random but I thought “what the heck!” I’ve never been. Portland itself was beautiful, surrounded by lush green trees and beautiful landscaping. Our time there was spent drinking beer, eating at food trucks and exploring everything that Portland had to offer.

Portland was such a quiet city compared to craziness of LA or even the IE. I expected it to be bustling with people and cold rainy weather. The first two days of exploring felt like it was just Lisa and me in the city, there weas hardly any people out. It was also 90 degrees and humid which i was not prepared for. We got around by public transportation and walking, let’s just say my legs got a great work out.
  We explored the Powell bookstore, walked through Washington Park, bought donuts at the famous Voodoo donuts and went shopping because Oregon does not have sales taxes!!. SO basically, we spent most of our time shipping, reading and eating a ton of food. 

 On our second night in Portland we went on a "Haunted Beer Tour" with Beer Quest Walking Tours. Our tour guide took us around Portland and told us historical stories of different buildings and what spirits still roam the land. Creepy, I know right! We tried over 7 different beers from 2 local bars, meet some really cool people traveling through Portland, and explored more of the city.

The Original Dinerant Restaurant:  300 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

While exploring the city on Saturday afternoon we were craving a juicy burger and also a nice cold beer. So we ended up at this awesome restaurant called The Original. It was a very cool 80’s vibe and the service was amazing. We got there just in time for happy hour. They had so many unique dishes but the one that made my mouth drool had to be  "the donut burger sliders". It has the best of both worlds, the sweetness from the donut glaze and the savory form the beef patty. Just thinking about it makes me want another one. They have an in house pastry chef, which I thought was amazing. Seriously, everything we ate here was delicious. We also ordered a basket of fries, a half-pound patty burger and a couple of drinks.

Walking around Washington park was amazing! Our first stop was the Japanese Tea garden. It was super sprinkling all day, its a good thing I packed my windbreaker and Lisa brought her umbrella. The park was so beautiful. We stopped by the Rose garden as well. Everywhere we went there was lush green grass and trees, beautiful flowers and the smell of rain on the asphalt.

The best part of our trip was eating at different cafe's and i tried Dutch Bros for the first time. OMG! it was delicious. sadly, we do not have any here in southern California. Now every new city I explore, the first thing I do is see if there is a Dutch Bros.

It was a very relaxing trip for the both of us and we got to experience a new city together.

        Now, we get to plan our next trip. WOOHOO! Where shall we go next?



  1. friendship goals 😍
    suggestion: Korea! haha 😄

    1. Thanks love! OMG!!!! Korea would be amazing! I've heard that Koreans know how to party. lol. But we will be planning our next trip to NYC in December. WHEEE! I hope you day is amazing! Thanks for stopping by

    2. i've never been there either but definitely Korea is one on my bucketlist! haha..and yasss, they are! but aside from nightlife, Korea is also known in terms of beauty products which I highly recommend u to try it out since u're also into beauty stuffs. hihi 😄
      oh,NYC is great! 😍
      ps. yea, u too, have a great day ahead! 😘😘😘


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