My "Real World" Reality Check

Growing up, I watched shows about the work environment. You know the visual, sad looking people in little cubical. But I always found it so fascinating. I often wondered what it would be like to work in a small cubical, for 8 hours a day and see what effects it would have on my personality.

After graduating from high school, I set out on this journey to find something, I didn’t quite know what it was but I had to figure it out. I had this burning desire that I couldn’t quiet calm but I remember when I was bumming it at home, everyone was always preaching, “go to school, so you could get a good job”. I was never for that dream. I wanted to create a different vision. I wanted to build something that someone inspired can come and express their dreams, goals, creativity and art. Whether it be learning how to do the waltz or building a financial empire. But in order for me to get to this vision, I had to learn what it was like to do this “normal” journey. So I decided that I would go back to school, get my degree and get a full time job.

And as my journey continued I started learning things, I compared my way of thinking to these of the adults that were working here for more than 10 years of their lives.
Backstory: I started network marketing when I was 20 years old. I know you’re probably thinking of a variety of negative thoughts, but in all honestly it taught me so much about myself. It was a journey of self- awareness and self-education. I changed my way thinking. And it opened my mind to the infinite possibilities that I didn’t know were possible.
I have always had big goals and big dreams. I would like to explore, learn and develop anything and everything I can. But I also wanted to understand what I was leaving behind. Starting my 9-5 job, I found that being in the “Real World” is not all it’s cracked up to be. I finally understood what my mentor meant when they said “40,40,40: working 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to retire on 40 percent of your income”.

I slowly found it so comfortable to go to work, come home and just chill. I found it easy to not challenge myself on a day to day basis. It was easy to not dream, because I was so comfortable with barely getting by. My bills were paid and I have enough left over for “fun money”. But I also found myself slipping, beating down on myself, telling myself that “I wasn’t good enough”. And day by day, my twinkle started to dim. I started to lose my edge, my creativity, my energy, and at times my livelihood. I started paying a bigger price; not being able to spend time with the ones I love most, not being about to do the things I WANT to do rather than do thing I NEED to do.

And one day, it hit me. This is what it’s like for the people I work with, but the difference was, time. The amount of time they have worked here. I watched the people around me; I started to understand why people were so unsure of their own greatness. Everyone I worked with, I found them fascinating. Because, to me, their light is shining so bright but they aren’t aware of it. I’ve always been fascinated with the things that people could do that I couldn’t. I saw the self-doubt in their eyes, every time I would complement them on their work.  It was crazy to me to see them do something so amazing, but to them it wasn’t anything special.

It was like they didn’t give themselves enough credit for the things they have done. And that’s how I started to feel.  I decided to change my way of thinking. I knew that the work I that was doing was my best but I knew I could do better. So I praised myself of the work I’ve done, but challenged myself to think outside of the box and do it better. It was about self-improvement and challenging myself. That is what I lacked, producing a better result. We get so bored with doing the mundane, continually doing the same things over and over and never improving anything. And then we go home and do the same thing. It’s a perpetual routine. And that’s not what I wanted, and I’m sure not most people want either. So why do we do it? The truth is, it’s simple and easy. We don’t have to think about anything, we don’t have to challenge ourselves, we don’t have to think outside the box or work harder and we get stuck.

But it wasn’t enough for me, I NEEDED to challenge myself. I NEEDED to change and get out of the habit of being comfortable. One of my favorite quote is “Life happens outside of your comfort zone”. It speaks more volume now than it ever has before, and I’ve started to understand the meaning. I know that with every experience I encounter, it’s preparing me for another challenge. I know that change is scary and hard but I believe it’s well worth it the long run.

The questions I consistently ask myself and the people I choose to surround myself with are: who do you want to become? What do you want to do? What inspires you? What do you want to have?

So I challenge you, to get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. It could be as small as, trying out a new type of food or something as big as dropping everything and go to a different state for a couple of days. We thrive off results, production and being uncomfortable. That is where life happens.

“And remember there is only one of you, you are unique, you are beautiful and you are amazing.”

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