Since I started really getting into makeup a couple of years ago, I started to get attached to the idea that I look better with make up that I need it everyday. Silly, silly me.  I love makeup and all the fascinating things that you can do, honestly its magic that you can buy at the store. I’ve always been comfortable with the way I look, well this is the only skin I’m going to live in so why not just embrace it and love it for what it is. Of course there are things I’d love to change about myself, like I wish I didn’t have man shoulders or my nose wasn’t as wide and manly looking. I could honestly go on about my imperfections but I’d rather focus on the positive aspects of my features.  I’m not perfect nor would I want to be. My imperfections make me, well me. So what I’ll start doing and what I feel like everyone should do(those who wear makeup on a daily basis). Each month, take a week and just don’t wear makeup. Embrace everything you’ve been given, because the truth is, there is only one of you, you are unique, you are beautiful and you are amazing. So remember that, daily especially on the days wear you aren’t feeling so beautiful. Oh Honey, you are J !

     So I wanted to start a movement, and on my youtube channel, I’m going to start filming no makeup Monday where I just sit and talk to you guys about different topic. Bare, open and honest. And on my vlog channel, I’ll record my AWWMU and go through all the good and bad things that I feel but always  end on a positive note. I want to include some of your clips and pictures of you participating in AWWMU. It’ll be fun.

“So remember there is only one of you, you are unique, you are beautiful and you are amazing.”

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