The power of Coconut Oil for your Dry Scalp

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I recently dyed my hair back to black, for a number of reasons. But lets just say I’m too lazy to continue dying it every 4 weeks. (Ain’t nobody got time for that) After dying my hair, my head started to feel real itchy I started scratching for a couple days, which by the way, was driving me nuts! I did some research online to see if there were any at home remedy for the dry, itchiness that was occurring. I started reading about the benefits of coconut oil. Thank you Baby jesus, because it has changed the life of my hair, tremendously. The benefits of coconut oil are endless. You can use it to help whiten your teeth (oil putting) or, if your skin is feeling dry add some to your super dry areas over night and BAM! Super soft moistured skin, it works magic if you have dry feet. I will do a whole blog post on the benefits of coconut oil, because its amazing! But honestly using it in my shampoo is amazing! 

After dying my hair, it felt so dry and brittle. Which is a first for me because I have fairly great hair.  Anyways, if you’ve ever box dyed your hair and your head starts to get itchy and it also drives you nuts, here are some options for you to try. Now I’m not an expert or anything but these are some things I’ve done that have helped me tremendously. Of course, you should seek professional help if it gets worse, you could be having an allergic reaction to the hair dye. Better safe than sorry

Option 1: putting coconut oil in your hair after washing your hair with shampoo and leav it in your hair for about 20 minutes. It helps to rejuvenate and moisturize your dry, itchy scalp. I usually just sit in my shower with the music blasting and sing at the top of my lungs or you know shave and wash my body.

Option 2: add melted coconut oil to your shampoo and use as you would shampoo. I usually leave it in my hair for 3-5 minutes. I do a one to 2 ratio of coconut oil to shampoo and mix it in a container.

I’ve been using option 2 for about a week and I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my hair. First, my hair feels so soft, this may be the softest its ever been. Second, the itchiness has subsided, which has been the biggest relief. Third, my hair is so shiny and not in a “dude I haven’t washed my hair in a couple of days and I have greasy hair” but in a “damn, my hair looks amazing” lol. I love the smell of my hair also, the scent of the coconut mixed with my shampoo is heavenly. I honestly walk around telling people to feel how soft my hair feels. 

Now I’ve dyed my hair more than 10 times and in many different colors, but it feels like every time I dye my hair black, my scalp is like “nope, girl I ain’t having it” and it starts to get so itchy and irritating. I’m happy to find something that helps with that. My cousin told me that I should try to put sweet N low in my hair dye before dying it or to use soy hair dye instead and see if it makes a difference. So maybe next time I was to dye my hair black, I’ll use soy. If you’ve had this problem, I would love to hear your story, if you have any other tips. And if you’ve used soy hair dye I would love to hear your thoughts :). Thanks for stopping by :)

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