Influenster UniVoxBox Box Opening/ Review

I’m pretty EXCITED for this blog post because this will be the first time I’ll be doing a mini reviewon the UniVoxbox I received in the mail yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with these “VoxBoxes” let me take the time to fill you in :D. I found out about Influenster about a year ago and I’ve had soo much fun on this website. It has such an amazing community as well as amazing Benefits! It combines all of your social networking sights together and you get to review products you already love! And the more active you are on the site, you are more likely to qualify for these amazing Voxbox, they have a variety of different themed boxes from weddings to Traveling the world. This particular box that I received was the UniVoxbox, I’m guessing its a box to help out the fellow Student! Pretty Awesome Treats! This will be my third Voxbox, but my first this year! 

How do you Qualify? Well you can sign up on, when I first started, you had to get a personal Invite to the site, which I thought was really cool. It made it EXCLUSIVE! Which for me, made me feel like a ROCKSTAR! Haha And then you can link all of your social network sites: youtube, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter ETC. And then if you are super active on the site, they will send you a link to a Questionnaire to see if you qualify for any Voxbox Programs they have coming up. I’ve heard many people say that they haven’t received any Voxboxes since they started, which is understandable. But for me, when I’m on Influenster and reviewing something, I really put a lot in it. I’m not just there to receive free stuff but rather its my GoTo place when I want to try something new and they have amazing reviews from people just like you and me. There are people who get lucky and get boxes the first month, but hey it takes time :D I personally love it! And I have so much fun doing reviews.

Anyways Onto the Voxbox Box opening! :)

I was pretty excited when I got the confirmation that I had qualify for this box, I pretty much screamed like a little girl and then ran to tell my boyfriend. Lol. It did take a while to come in the mail, but it was worth the wait! These are the things that came in the voxbox!

  1. Redrose Real tea Premium Water Enhancer: $4.49
  2. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: $3.99-$4.99
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Soft Beige: $4.99- $5.49
  4. Pilot Accruable PureWhite: $4.59 for 3 pack/ @6.24 for 4 pack/ $7.49 for 5 pack
  5. Broadway Nails imPRESS Press- on Manicure: $5.99 
  6. NYC Expert Last Lip Color in  Forever Fuchsia: $1.99

All were Full Size products :)

Three out of the 6 products I already have and tried out so I’ll do a mini review on the products I already have and then a first impression on the other three products!

*Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Soft Beige
 I loved how lightweight this foundation feels on the face, The color selection is limited though. I feel like the darkest shade is like a medium skin tone. Make sure to moisturize your face before applying this foundation. I used a Blending sponge to apply this foundation and it came out flawless, I didn’t need a setting powder. I loved the finish and it does not have a scent. Throughout the day I did get a little oily but not too much. I give it a 3 out of 5. The price is reasonable, you get 1 fluid ounce.

  • Pilot Accruable PureWhite:
This is actually one of my favorite pens, I had been searching for a really good pen for a while. If your are anything like me then you’d know that the pen you use to write makes the BIGGEST difference. I love writing but if the pen I’m using is uncomfortable then I would probably throw it out. I’m pretty obsessive about the Pens I use. This writes like dream and I love how comfortable the grip is and it fits perfectly in my hands. I have fairly small baby hands so most pens are either tiny or to big! I love pilot pens overall, they are my favorite pens to write with period! I had the simple white a grey Accruable pens, now they have bright colors which I’m pretty excited about. Yes, I’m a nerd but I don’t care:D

  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance:
Funny to be talking about Tampons but hey we’re all human! To all my girls, These are super comfortable and I use this every time that wonderful time of the month comes around!

First Impressions:
  • NYC Expert Last Lip Color in  Forever Fuchsia

 Let’s just start by saying that I love NYC cosmetics products already and when I saw this lipstick in my VoxBox I was TOO excited to try it out! And at $1.99 I was like “oh, time to go to CVS to get me some new Lipsticks”. This color is beautiful and bright and perfect for summer and spring! It swatches super pigmented with only one swipe, it smells like candy. I’m excited to try out other colors though, to be honest this color is to cray for me right now lol. I’ll probably mute the color with a nude lip gloss.

  • Redrose Real tea Premium Water Enhancer
I thought it was pretty funny that it expires on my birthday lol September 10th. But anyways I’ve never tried a water enhancer so this would be my first time! I haven’t tried it but I’m excited to! I will keep you posted on what I think.

  • Broadway Nails imPRESS Press- on Manicure
I’ve been on the fence about buying these every time I go to the drugstore. I love nail polish and nail art, but the last time I tried a “press on” manicure I was like 12 and they came off so easily. I’m pretty skeptical about the “lasts up to a week”. But we shall test them out and see! I loved the color I received but right now I’m on this bright colors on the nail kick. But I will try once I remove the nail design I have on.

Well thats everything! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and if you have any questions leave a comment down below <3 Thanks for reading!

Love samm

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