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Hello, My Lovely Make-Up Lovers!

I hope you are having an amazing Day seriously here in Cali its been sooo HOT lately, I'm ready to enjoy some fall weather. Anyways today i will starting my giveaway wooohooo. I might just keep it at 10 days of giveaways, depending on my filming schedule and how everything plays out if not then i will just do 7 days :) I wanted to do this as a way for you to celebrate my birthday with me :D. So here's the deeeeds

This giveaway Ends September 21st, 2012

1. You must me a subscriber to both my blog and Youtube Channel
2. It is open internationally, so anyone can enter :)
3. You must be 18 or older (if not please get your parents permission
4. You must like the video--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6T7iLTZwkk

How to Enter:  there are multiways to enter, and you can comment as many times as you want
Through my blogger just comment down below answering these questions
1. Favorite passtime during fall/winter
2. FAvorite Make-up brand
3. One Item you would suggest for me to try out

Good Luck !!!!!!!

Love samm

Play This Video hehe :)


  1. 1. drinking hot chocolate
    2. Relvon
    3. iPsa concealer

  2. Ahhh!!!
    1. Favorite pass time during fall/winter: Definitely wearing sweaters and night bonfires with friends :)
    2. Favorite make up brand: MAC! :D
    3. One item you would suggest for me to try out: I think you should try some nude pink big eye pencil, and use it on your water line to make your eyes appear bigger!

    I hope I win! :D

  3. 1. Cozy sweaters
    2. Maybelline
    3. Maybelline Affinitone Compact Powder

  4. 1. i love ice skating
    2. ELF
    3. 26 combo blush and eyeshadow palette from bhcosmetics

  5. 1. shopping
    2. I love all makeup brands
    3. luminess air

  6. 1. I love going to the movies and to a nice coffee shop.
    2. Maybelline
    3. make up factory foundation

  7. Wow these items are so lovely.. It'll so fun having this. Thanx mate for this giveaway.. <3

    1). When my mother went to office, I used to take out her cosmetics box and apply all of the makeup on me. And I guess I was not too young that time. (might be 18 yrs old).
    2). MAC is my dream brand. Would love to have all of its items.. funny right :D
    3). I want you to try Urban Decay Vice eye shadow palette.

    Well I like other brands like Urban Decay, Elf, Maybelline, OPI, china glaze and many others too..

  8. 1. Watching movies and hanging out with friends
    2. Mac
    3. Urban Decay Naked Palette (:xx

  9. 1. Hanging oujt with my best friend
    2. MAC
    3. MAC bronzer

  10. 1. Hot chocolate and kicking leaves.
    2. Rimell London
    3. Collection 2000 Lipstick in Forever Heather

    1. I like to build igloos at the local church xD its fun i might post a video of it :)
    2. I love NYX and MAC but have nothing of that brand so it's weird....
    3. I would really suggest Clinique oil free foundation if you have oily skin i do have oily skin sooo.... btw my youtube is maddyxoxolol so if i were to win pm on there lol xD

  12. 1. Favorite passtime during fall/winter
    I LIKE Winter Time. It was when I was Youngin the Winter time~? My mom and my dad said, "Lisa and Reno, If you are cold and want to be sleep in warm, please Sleep in your mom and dad's room and be sleep in there.^^~" And We were sleeping so cutely, then they came lately and gave us the Big Presents for my Birthday.
    I can still remeber this full of lovely moments. I didn't open my eyes, but I opened a tiny bit they can't see me.

    2. FAvorite Make-up brand
    My Recent FAvorite Make-up Brand shop is, It's in South Korea. I am living in SOuth Korea. It's {The Nature Republic}. I love their Brushes and Nail colors. They are big and Sweet!!

    3. One Item you would suggest for me to try out
    Any Manicures you like to try out !

    Good Luck for me! **

  13. 1. We had to stay inside in school and my friends and I always got up to crazy stuff after being copped up haha
    2. Revlon
    3. Revlon Moisturous Lipcolour in wet wet red! - It's a really nice colour (:
    Thanks for the give away!!!

  14. 1. staying at home while it's raining
    2. maybelline
    3. maybelline bb cream


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