Beauty Habits to Break 2012 update

Hello My beautiful Lovelies,

It’s been awhile, around 6 months I believe. In all honesty, the intentions for this blog were to have a post for everyday consistently, but things have come up and I started working A LOT more. So I can’t promise a post everyday but hopefully once a week at the minimum. And since I’ll be starting school and I will have a big gap, I have no reason not to unless I have homework hehe. So I just wanted to start this post off with one that I started about 6 months ago hehe.

Well lets just say I haven’t completely accomplished these hahah, I have been waaay to bad at number one,  keeping up this blog and two, accomplishing breaking these habits

 1. Cleaning my makeup brushes:

                Actually I was doing rather well with this one, because I found that if I didn’t clean my brush I would probably break out and no one wants that. BUT! For the last month I haven’t cleaned my brush at all which means I will probably do that tomorrow . Procrastination is a NO! NO! But I still have a couple of months to do this

2. Biting My Nail:

                So, being completely honest, I have been doing way better! I’ll probably go a whole month and a half of not doing it but then somehow when I’m not paying attention I end up doing it. Yes I realize how gross it is but it has actually become an unconscious thing, I’m not sure if that is bad or horrible haha. But I have gotten way better which is a good thing, for my teeth that is.

3. Combing My hair When I get out of the shower:

Actually I haven’t been doing this which is rather surprising because going to sleep with my hair tangled used to trip me out and now it doesn’t. I probably have to work on not sleeping with my hair wet though because someone told me that it isn’t good for your health. Which explains why I’m always sick haha. No Bueno!  But good news is that my hair is now super long and really healthy 

4. Taking my Nail polish off completely

                I kind of cheated on this one, because I do take off my nail polish but not with nail polish remover but instead I kind of chip it off. So now that I think about it, it’s probably worse.


Hehe I have accomplished this with the help of my tinted moisturizer as well as my Elf’s UVA/UVB powder. I’ve been completely obsessed with these products and it is super affordable.

6. Getting rid of old make up
                Every month I go through my makeup drawer and throw away make up that is old J. Yayyyyyy me!

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