Update: The Simple LIfe

Hello My lovellies,
I’ve wanted to post this blog post up for awhile but I’ve been rather busy with work and Christmas just past so I need to do a quick update. My camera is dead, and I’m soo sad but that’s okay Nathan is letting me use his Macbook and his camera to film until I save up enough money to buy my own camera. I hit 400  Subbies on Youtube with is pretty big for me and my One year of being on Youtube just past. An di celebrated with a Giveaway which I’ll post later. My life feels like its going in thr ight direction even if some don’t agree with what I’m doing but that is okay because in the end this is my life and I have to live with the choices I  have made and no one else. I’ve been cleaning out my room to make it more suitable for my to film in, which I’m pretty darn excited to start. But for now I have to stick with mini hauls and Vlogs that I need to put up since I’ve been lagging it. I have another channel but I don’t know if I want to start using it yet, but we shall see. School starts late januaray and I will be taking 5 classes, eeep and ASB and Gym not to mention I have work. Soo hopefully I can handle all three. Well my life isn’t that exciting, but I think these updates are more for me than any one else because in ten years I’ll look back at my updates and just smile.
Love you all, Samm

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