6 Beauty Habits to break In 2012


I've noticed that I have a couple of beauty things that I do on a daily, things that I know aren't good for me but I do them anyway. BUT! Now it's a new year which means I get the chance to change it up a bit. Last year I did a good job of taking care of my skin and make up products but towards the end I started lagging on certain things and I notice that I shouldn't be doing these things at all. But hey I'm not perfect, nor did I ever say I was hehe :). These are a couple of bad Beauty habits that I need to break for 2012, well at least try to. I will do an update every couple of months or so just so I can see my progress. I think that everyone should try breaking bad beauty habits and if you have one be sure to comment down below or tweet me :)

1. Cleaning my make up brushes:

 I used to be really good at cleaning my brushes every week for my face brushes like my foundation, blush, bronzer brushes and every two weeks on my eye brushes. But i've notice that I wait it off for longer which is HORRIBLE! Considering that if you don't clean your brushes, they can harbor a ton of bacteria that can cause break out and YUCK! Who wants that?

2. Bitting My Nail:

As disgusting as it sounds, I tend to do it when I'm nervous. I used to be really bad at it, constantly bitting it and it developed when I was younger and it has stuck by me. I've slower become better at it and I usually don't do it on a day to day basis, but instead of cutting my nail I tend to bite them off and when I actually sit and think about it I get grossed out, but in the moment it is just an impluse and I just do it. GRRR! Bitting nails are gross just because off of the dirt and who knows what else is trapped underneath that and you're basically putting that in your mouth.

3. Combing My hair When I get out of the shower:

This one is a biggy for me, just because i've done it ever since I was young. I really didn't understand how damaging it really is to your hair. Short and simple I should really stop doing this!

4.Taking my Nail polish off completely

I get way to lazy to take the time and take off all my nail polish just to put on another coat, but this is damaging to your nails. So I should stop being lazy and just do it, my nails will thank me later hehe :)


OHHH MANN! I never do this, welll I cheat a little haha I use the elf sunblock spf 15 but I feel like that isn't enough coverage for my skin. And my skin is very durable now but I can't say for sure that is how it's going to be when I'm older. So i should start doing that because its basically a must

6. Getting rid of old make up

Yeah, I'm guilty for keeping make up for too long, especially MASCARA! Usually mascara's only last up to 3 months from the day you open the tube and then you must throw them out. For me my thing is that I really don't know when I opened my tube, but I know that i've had some like year round -__- that sounds horrible but I'm only being honest. So one of my solutions is to write down the name and date that I opened a mascara and three ish months from that dat, if I haven't used it all, I will throw it away! And foundation is the same way but I feel like it has a longer lasting power so yeah. Maybe i'll put up a post of when to throw out your make up.

Well, these are my 6 beauty Habits I want to break in for 2012. Tell me yours I'm eager to know :)

Love Samm

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  1. lol I suck at cleaning my makeup brushes, I try to do it every couple days but that never happens..sound nasty, I know lol but I usually wear foundation only 1-2 times a week anyways smh..lol


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