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Hello My lovelies,
EEEEPPP! i have not posted since last month, so lets do an update, i just recently finished all my finals which means a mini vacation for me. ANd christmas is literally a week away and i still have to do my own Christmas shopping since i've been so busy at work and school. I went to the dentist and they said that i might need to get braces which kind of sucks because i don't want them, but they are an option for me. and i also have to get all of my wisdom teeth taken out which really sucks! Work is the same although i might have to look for a new job that pays better, i mean i love my job but i have bills to pay! haha Anyways CVS was having this amaing sale and i only bought a couple of things, which was good for me because i usually go all out and buy a bunch of stuff. But i finally got my hands on these revlon lip butters which is soooo amazing! literally i fell in love with these colors, i also wanted to try some new blushes because you know how i am, i love BLUSHES and i have to buy at least one when i purchase any make up. I like experimenting with different colored blushes, i find that coral colors don't really work with my skin tone that will.So i bought two Rimmel london blushes and another sally hansen cream blush because these are simply amazing and i shall do a review on these to because i love them soooo much, usually when i put on blush i have a cream blush on first and then a powder so it stays put all day longs. :) i also bought some new Wet N Wild pallets which i've been obsessed with! so i shall do a blog post on that probably tomorrow. Anyways this is my mini haul :)

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