Are you ready for 2012 New Video Quality! I SURE AM

I'm so excited for the new year, I'm currently saving up for a couple of things: a new lap top (probably a macbook pro), new camera just form filming videos and NEW LIGHTING! woohoo, i've been wanting to get new lighting just o i can film at night and since i have work and school i haven't been able to film in the morning and my night lights are horrible-__-. But since my make up stand it in Nathan's room and not mine, i will be cleaning out my room and just use that for filming videos and to store my make up. Now that my make up collection is moving at a way faster pace, since i keep buying more and more make up. which i should probably stop because i have more than enough! But its an obsession, anyways new lighting new video camera and hopefully wayyyy better video qualities Eeeep I'm soo excited for this. And one of my New years resolutions for next year is to update this blog a lot more. Anyways that is all for now, i hope that each of you are having an amazing day and i will see you in my next blog post hopefully :). love you guys

I'm saving up for these bad boys. tooo excited

And this is the new camera that i want, the Vixia HF R20 8 GB flash memory by Canon :) I might buy this on black Friday so this might be my early christmas present to myself <3 i just have to not buy anymore make up!!!! or spend my money on random stuff i don't need!

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